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Rental conditions

1. General conditions

Clients are asked to read carefully both side of the contract and confirm acceptance by signing the Rental Agreement. Minimum age required is 21 years. Driver must be in possession of a valid driving licence at least 1 year old. Any additional person entitled by the client to drive the car must meet minimum age required.

2. Delivery and return

The vehicle is delivered to the client in good overall condition, without apparent defects, and any complaints as to its condition has to be made to the lessor immediately on delivery. The client agrees to return it with car documents, accessories and equipment in good condition to the lessor at the location on the date and time designated in the agreement.
In case of a delay of more than three hours in agreed return time specified in the rental agreement (if client doesn't notify the lessor by telephone) the lessor reserves the right to notify immediately the police for car theft.
Cars are delivered and/or collected with full tank. Any balance according to level indicator on board will be charged at gas station price.

3. Condition of use

The client agrees not to drive the car in contravention of any traffic rules or any other related regulations.
The client should respect the following:
- is not allowed to drive illegal (drunk, drugs influence, not respect the traffic rules, etc.)
- is not allowed to overcharge the car, to transport anything for money, to use the car in races, tests and competitions, to push or tow any vehicle or trailer, to use the car in inappropriate manner (not following the producer instructions).
- is not allowed to fix the car alone, but only by an authorized auto service.
- is not allowed to leave the car open (doors, windows, luggage compartment) or with the keys in contact.

4. Payments

Payments are made cash in Romanian currency. The prices include maintenance, oil change, VAT, third party liability insurance. Minimum rental period is 1 day (24 hours). First hour of delay over 24 hours is free of charge. For the next 3 hours of delay one-half rental day is charged. Over 3 hours delay one full rental day is charged.
The lessor reserves the right to request to the client to pay a warranty between 150 – 300 EURO. The money will be refunded when the car will be bring back. This deposit will be used to charge the client for any inside and under car body damages, car parts theft, loss of the car documents (charge 50 EURO) or car keys (150 EURO).

5. Insurance

Insurance coverage for the vehicle rented includes third party liability according to Romanian law. The vehicle is insured only for the rental period. Thereafter, unless an extension is agreed to, the lessor declines all responsibility for accidents which the client may have caused and for which alone shall be responsible. Excluded from the insurance is the use of the vehicle for the transport of dangerous goods. The lessor declines any responsibility for objects left in the vehicle, during the rental period. The lessor cannot be held responsible for any damage suffered by the renter or his companions in connection with the operations of the vehicle.

6. Maintenance and repair

Durind the contract, the client must make a standing check of the oil and water levels on engine. He must present receipted bills in order to obtain reimbursement. There will be no reimbursement for any liquids used for windshild cleaning. If the vehicle should be laid up, the repairs may be made only with the written agreement and according to the instructions of the lessor. A receipted and itemized bill must be available and the replace defective parts must be presented.

7. Accident, theft

The client agrees further to protect the interests of Lessor and its insurance company in case of accident, theft or damage to the vehicle by:
a)obtaining names and address of parties involved and of witnesses;
b)not abandoning the vehicle without adequate provision for safeguarding and securing same;
c)notifying the Lessor by the telephone even in case of slight damage;


All disputes arising from car rental within these Conditions shall be adjudged by the court of Sibiu, Romania.

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